Having a problem this month making your payment? Skip-A-Pay may be the option for you.

See If You Qualify For a Skip-A-Pay:

  • Have you had your loan for more than 12 months?   YES 
  • Are you less than 10 days past due on your loan?   YES  
  • Do you have $25 in your account for the Skip-A-Pay Fee?   YES  
  • Has it been more than 12 months since your last Skip-A-Pay?   YES  

If you answered YES to the questions above: 

Please complete the form below and a Premier Representative will review your account.

If you want to make a Skip-A-Pay over the phone, including the $25 fee, please call 336-370-1286 or email

If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact

Please note: The following loan types are not eligible for a Skip-A-Pay: Real Estate Secured, Visa Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, and Share/Share Certificate Secured Loans.

Contact Information
Loan Information
Do we have your permission for Premier Federal Credit Union to draft your account for the $25 Skip-A-Pay Fee?

FOR CREDIT UNION USE ONLY: We will complete this portion for you while processing your request.

By signing below you agree to amend the terms of your original agreement and to pay as follows:

Loan No. __________ and the entire unpaid balance of $____________ plus interest at _________% by paying every ______________ beginning ________________________.

Loan No. __________ and the entire unpaid balance of $____________ plus interest at _________%
by paying every ______________ beginning ________________________.

Loan No. __________ and the entire unpaid balance of $____________ plus interest at _________%
by paying every ______________ beginning ________________________.

Manager Approval: ______________________________
Manager Denial: ______________________________
Date Maintenance Completed & Copy Mailed to Member: _____________________
Signature: ___________________________________

IMPORTANT - Please Read Before Submitting Form:

By clicking submit, you and any applicable co-borrower(s) hereby request that Premier Federal Credit Union (PFCU) skip one (1) month of payments as indicated on this online submission form. You also acknowledge and agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

1. Skip-A-Pays are subject to a $25 Skip-A-Pay Fee per loan.
2. Qualifying loans may be eligible for one (1) skip-a-payment per calendar year (special promotions excluded). 
3. Each skip-a-payment request is subject to approval based on account history.
4. All borrowers acknowledge that finance charges will continue to accrue during the skip-a-payment period. IMPORTANT: Skip-a-payments will increase your total finance charges paid and the number of payments required to pay off the loan(s). Your final payment may change. Should PFCU allow future skip-a-payment opportunities, the final due date for your loan(s) will be extended each time you receive an approved deferred payment.
5. If you have added any insurance products (credit life, disability, or GAP), the terms of coverage will not be extended to your new maturity date. IMPORTANT: Skip-a-payment may impact GAP claims on vehicle loans.
6. Approved skip-a-payments may not prevent other automatic drafts or preauthorized transfers from other financial institutions. Please ask for more information.

Agreement Acknowledgement:



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