Credit & Budget Counseling

We’ve all faced financial road bumps, and some are easier to handle than others!  Let’s face it, change is inevitable.  At Premier FCU, we’re committed to helping you if the chips are down and to help you pick up the pieces if things get really rough!

  • Are you having trouble paying your bills or are consistently late on monthly payments?
  • Are you missing or getting behind on loan or credit card payments?
  • Do you get collection calls at home or work?
  • Have you recently experienced a reduced income, job loss or are going through a separation or divorce?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider contacting a representative of the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.  The FREE program is designed to provide you with professional assistance regarding all aspects of personal finance. BALANCE not only works with you to avoid or resolve financial distress, but also provides information and assistance to help you achieve your goals – such as buying a home or saving for the future.

BALANCE offers assistance with:

  • Money & Debt Management
  • Credit Report Review
  • Housing Education
  • Identity Theft Solutions

If you need help, or even if you are just curious, contact BALANCE at 888-456-2227 or email us today!


Available Hours:
Monday–Thursday: 8am–11pm
Friday: 8am–8pm
Saturday: 11am–8pm (EST)

Click here to visit the BALANCE Web site.

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