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What You Should Know About COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

With stimulus checks expected to start flowing in the coming days or weeks...we know the big question on almost everyone’s mind is...

Will I get one? When will it be sent? How much with I receive?

Premier FCU and our staff members do not have this information and will not be able to answer these types of questions, BUT we know who can!

Get accurate information straight from the source – The IRS.

The best resource to answer your questions can be found at

What we CAN tell you is how to know when your money is directly deposited into your account!

Whether it’s stimulus money or a deposit from any other source, you will know when it arrives! No phone call...No waiting. It's the fastest and easiest way to know your money has arrived!


  1. Log into your account on Premier Online
  2. Click the Settings option in the top-right area of the page
  3. Click Security & Alerts
  4. Select Alerts
  5. Then select "Deposit Over Amount" in the Alert Type Dropdown Menu and follow the instructions to create an alert. You can also choose your preferred delivery method such as Text Alert or Email.

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As always thank you for being a member of Premier Federal Credit Union. We appreciate your business!


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