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Greensboro Credit Union

Premier Federal Credit Union in Greensboro, NC

Credit Unions are owned and operated by a group of people ("members") who pool their savings and lend to each other. As a member-owned financial cooperative, Premier Federal Credit Union - a Greensboro Credit Union - is owned by it's membership. Credit unions are the ultimate democratic financial institution — every member has the option to vote for the credit union’s board of directors. The board members are unpaid volunteers, and therefore have the best interest of the membership at heart. And our paid professional staff reports to the member-elected board of directors, ensuring the best service and options for your financial future. Credit Unions return their profits to the membership in the form of consistently better rates, lower fees and by offering products and services that fit members’ needs. After all, unlike a bank, we have no outside shareholders...just member-owners like you.

How do you benefit as a member of this Greensboro Credit Union as compared to a bank?

  • - lower loan rates
  • - higher savings rates as well as
  • - little to no fees
  • - we are large enough to offer the products and services offered by other financial institutions yet small enough to provide that personal attention you deserve;
  • - personal or business savings and checking accounts, share certificates, IRAs, and more without many of the fees and hidden charges of other financial institutions;
  • - we return our profits back to our members through lower interest rates and little to no fees.

Become a member today! You are eligible to join Premier Federal Credit Union, a Greensboro Credit Union, if you or an immediate family member work for or retired from one of over 400 affiliated companies in North and South Carolina or if you have an immediate family member that is currently an active Premier member.

How is Our Greensboro Credit Union Different From a Bank?


Credit Unions                   


Banks/Savings & Loans      

 Philosophy   Democratic, member-owned cooperative.  
"Not-for-profit, not for charity, but for service."
     Business orientated to generate profit for outside shareholders.
 Directors   Unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors elected by its members.      Paid Board of Directors elected by 
 Services   Consumer and Business services - savings, checking, loans and credit cards. Financial counseling.     Consumer and commercial. Loans, savings, checking. Corporate trust services.
 Rates & Fees    Typically higher dividends on savings, lower loan interest rates and few fees.     Charge more and higher fees than credit unions. 
 Safety   Deposits in all credit unions are insured up to $250,000 by the National CU Share Insurance Fund.     Nearly all accounts are insured up to $250,000 by a government agency.