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Moving Your Account to Premier FCU is Easy!

If you’ve ever thought about moving your accounts from another financial institution to Premier Federal Credit Union, but thought it was too hard to do, we’ve made it a snap with our Premier Switch Kit!

Switching to Premier Federal Credit Union doesn’t have to be difficult! If you have any questions, we invite you to contact a Member Service Representative at 336-370-1286. We’ll walk you through the easy process to become a member of Premier.

To make the switch, follow the steps below:

1.  Open your new account - To become a member of Premier Federal Credit Union, fill out an Online Membership Application first to establish your Membership Savings Account.  Click here to learn how to join.
2. Move your automatic payments/deposits - Once you have completed step one, simply notify any companies that make automatic withdrawals from or deposits to your old account. This includes any loans and bills that you pay through automatic transfers and any entities that make direct deposits to your account, including your employer. 

The forms below make it easy to notify your employer or other entities that you are making a switch. That said, make sure you contact these parties to ensure that they will accept our forms before sending them along; some places may require you to complete their forms instead.

Switch Your Automatic Payment Form (PDF)
Switch Your Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
Switch Your Direct Deposit for Federal Benefit Payments Form (PDF)
3. Close your old account - But before you do, make sure that all outstanding checks and withdrawals have cleared.

Once everything is set, you can use this form to close your old account.
Close Your Account Form (PDF)
4. Welcome to Premier Federal Credit Union. Now that you are a Premier member, come and visit us - we’ll be glad to go over everything in person.  That’s the Premier Difference.

Special Offer:

Bring us your old checks when you move to us from your previous financial institution! We’ll give you $0.10 per check (up to $20), and make sure your old checks are safely destroyed.

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