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Life is full of challenges. Some could be avoided if we had planned more, others are at times complelely unavoidable. One thing is for certain, with every challenge comes a new learning experience. Luckily you've got a trusted friend at Premier and access to many products and services all designed to help during most financial sitituations.

  • Need a loan? We have loans for every need and for any amount. Chat LIVE with a Financial Services Representative to get started or apply online. You can also give us a call or visit one of our branches!
  • Balance Financial Fitness Program - Anytime you need to discuss your financial budget, talk to a professional financial advisor about your monthly budget during any major life stage event. Balance will also review your credit report right over the phone. This service is free to Premier members and completely confidential!
  • Protect Your Identity - Don't become a victim of identity theft.
  • MEMBERS© Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program
  • Calculators - Try our easy to use financial calculators.
  • Annual Credit Report - Get Your Free Annual Credit Report
    Online Tools and Educational Tutorials

    Pocket Cents - These online resources are dedicated to helping people of all ages learn how to make smarter financial decisions for a stronger, brighter future.

    Identity Theft - This online educational tutorial covers the basics of Identity Theft, the common practices and ways to keep your identity safe.

    Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis - There are many things in life that can derail even the best money management plans, such as unexpected car or home repairs, illness, or job loss. This online educational tutorial will cover ways to help you and your family rebuild after a financial crisis.

    Credit Matters - In today’s world, credit does indeed matter. This online educational course will help you get a better understanding of credit.

    World of Credit Reports - Credit reports and credit scores influence our lives in many ways. This online educational course will give you a better understanding of credit scores and how it impacts your life.


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