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Credit Union Interest Rates North Carolina

Have you seen the great credit union interest rates North Carolina that Premier offers? You should! Premier Federal Credit Union members benefit with higher savings rates and lower loan rates and fees. As of today (August 15, 2012), Premier Federal Credit Union interest rates North Carolina for Consumer Savings and Checking are:

  • .25% on individual savings accounts with a minimum balance of $25
  • as much as .50% APY on Money Market Accounts
  • as much as 2.02% APY on a 60-Month IRA Share Certificate with a minimum balance of $1,000

Your next Consumer Loan Rates could be discounted by as much as:

  • 0.50% if you fully protect your loan with Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance.
  • 0.15% if you have been a Premier member for 5 or more years.
  • 0.25% if you have an active checking account with 3+ months Direct Deposit.
  • 0.10% if your loan payments are made by automatic transfer or payroll deduction.
  • 0.25% if you have multiple loans with Premier or you are a repeat borrower

Loans for vehicles (new and used), boats and RV's, even farm equipment have an APR of 2.95% to 17.75% (depending on your credit worthiness). All cred union interest rates North Carolina are subject to change so be sure to give us a call toll-free at 336-370-1286 for changes and/or additional disclosures.

Be sure to check out our home mortgage rates and home equity loans for the best credit union interest rates North Carolina.

If you're operating a business, be sure to check out our Business Savings & Checking Rates, our Business Loan Rates, and Business Products Fee Schedule.

So, how do you become a member of Premier Federal Credit Union so that you can enjoy these great credit union interest rates North Carolina? To qualify, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You work for one of these 400 companies in North Carolina or South Carolina; or
  2. You have an immediate family member who is a Premier FCU member; or
  3. You live or work in Kings Mountain, NC or in a defined area in Forest City, NC (call (828) 247-0022 for more information); or
  4. You are a member of the NC Consumer Council.

If you answered YES to any of these criteria, you can apply for membership in Premier Federal Credit Union and begin enjoying the benefits of the best credit union interest rates North Carolina has to offer.


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